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Fwd: RC: jogging/trotting on pavement

Hi Kelsey:  I would only walk my horse across any pavement. Certainly not 
trot down the pavement! Asking for double trouble if you do. Maybe someone 
could get away with it if the horse was wearing easy boots. If this ride was 
some championship in Europe somewhere it may have been a FEI ride. FEI does 
not have the motto "TO FINISH IS TO WIN'. Most are out to win at all costs. 
However we Have at least one AERC/FEI rider who carried our Motto with her 
to the World Championship in Italy some years ago. Her name was Becky Hart 
who got off and walked with RIO for miles just to finish. Becky and Rio won 
three World Championships. From first to last real Winners!
Bye: Hope
>From: Kelsey M <>
>Subject: RC:  jogging/trotting on pavement
>Date: Sun, 27 May 2001 21:49:28 -0700 (PDT)
>Okay- I have a question. I was watching horse TV the
>other night and they showed the championship endurance
>ride that was in England in 1995 or 96 or sometime a
>few yrs ago. Anyway- as they showed the horses
>trotting on the beach- and then getting closer to
>town- they just jogged over the pavement like it was
>no big deal. and they did it for quite a distance.
>Please pardon my stupidity, but I was always taught
>not to trot your horse on pavement for long distances.
>Its not good for their legs, especially w/ the extra
>weight of the rider. Do you train for this? Am I
>Just curious and wondering.
>Kelsey in Oregon
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