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Hi Jerri: Have a squeezers handy. Put a drop of PineSol on the tick.
The tick will recoil. When it does grab it with the tweezers and put in a 
tin can where you can burn it. Follow up with some betadine on the bite 
area. I carry a kit in my saddle bag. Use old eye wash squeeze bottles for 
the Pinesol and one for betadine.Don't forget the tweezers. Good luck Hope
>From: Jerri Larsen <>
>Subject: RC:  TICK HELP
>Date: Sun, 27 May 2001 09:28:27 -0600
>Help, dog has tick on her head... tick has the big swelled up bulb on the
>end and is hanging on for dear life.. It hurts dog to touch it, any good
>suggestions on how to get it out painlessly??
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