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Re: RC: Re: Re: New Magic/Scratches

The only time I've had a horse with ringworm was right after gelding. The vet
said it was quite common for that to happen after a stressful incident. Daily
baths of povidone iodine cured it. But we were sure to use rubber gloves, since
the vet said we could very eaisly pick it up from the horse.


Michelle Fink wrote:

> > iodine. Ringworm, which is a true fungus, as I understand it is also
> > sensitive to povidone iodine - but I never had to deal with that one.
> Other
> Ringworm is vanquished by the nolvasan/dmso/fulvicin type treatment.  It's
> also susceptible to povidone iodine and it's very susceptible to strong
> iodine (7%), tho' that will cause stinging.  When my Icelandic horse had a
> bad case of ringworm, I read that the fungus spores can be active in the
> soil for years and that horses that contract ringworm usually have a
> compromised immune system.  I wonder if this is the case for certain types
> of scratches that occur on endurance rides???  Maybe stress makes the horse
> vulnerable to infection?
> Michelle
> (Colorado)

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