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RC: New Federal Insurance Regulations for Recreational Activities (Long but URGENT

Dave wrote...
>>"These rules open the door to the elimination of health coverage for
all types of legal recreational activities, from motorcycle riding to
running or walking. That's the exact opposite of what Congress had in mind."<<

And it's the exact opposite of what it means to be healthy. I guess
they'd rather cover all of those triple-bypass surgeries in people
leading such safe, sedentary lives. We'd all be reduced to sitting
around our living rooms eating power bars while reading back issues of
Endurance News and looking at old ride photos...then maybe toddling onto
the porch to practice sponge-dipping. Maybe Steph could set up a virtual
endurance race on the net. We could pull cards testing our endurance
quotient (EQ)... and land on spaces like "Beet Pulp not soaked long
enough," "Easy Boot lost in brush," "CRI elevated", etc.  But then
they'll probably outlaw "Net Surfing."

Seriously, I'd wager that "people who engage in legal recreational
activities" most likely have significantly lower medical claims -- they
are probably way healthier than those risk-free "couch potatoes." 

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