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Swanton Pacific research project

Hi all,
Just an FYI for everybody that participated in the Swanton Pacific project,
the individual hematology, chem panel, endocrine panel and iStat results all
went out in this morning's mail.  I apologize for delay in getting them out,
it turns out the lab had some trouble working out the right protocol for
some of the parameters, and we got the results back just at the same time I
was getting buried in final exams.  Always too many irons in the fire.

The results from the research project aren't available yet, as I'm still
crunching numbers and looking for trends.  I can say that I think we're
finding out some new things about at what point in the ride are horses most
dehydrated and their ability to rehydrate themselves throughout the day.
We're also finding out some interesting things about the effect of endurance
and transportation on the immune system that we weren't expecting.

Thanks again to everyone that participated.  We're working on a proposal to
collect more data at another 100 mile ride this summer, we'll let everyone
know if our project gets approved by ride management and (more importantly),
the nice people that write checks to fund it. :-)

Susan Garlinghouse

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