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Re: Kat's Message re EN

Many of us are going to take you at your word, "..,one last time,.." in reference to your EN comments.
I remember the ill advised debate you encouraged on ridecamp in 1998 over the IRS required change of wording to allow AERC to be in accord with proper 501c3 regulations.  You questioned the Board's action in recommending the AERC membership approve that modification of semantics, then when I had our Legal Council answer your comments, you questioned his expertise in recommending the AERC Membership vote to approve the IRS required change.  A change, I might add, that did not in any way alter the way we do business or the historic intent of our founders.  If you had been successful in convincing the membership to vote against the IRS requirements, it is very likely AERC would have lost its 501c3 status.
So, while I encourage everyone to express their thoughts and I read and take into consideration the opinions that are expressed, at times it is best to consider where those ideas are coming from.  I believe AERC is far better now than it has ever been.  I think the majority of our membership enjoys the EN in its present question there are things we could do better and we (Board, Membership, and Office) are striving to make things better. 
Every member of AERC has their own goals and I applaud each person for their work to achieve whatever goal they have set for themselves.  Some want to finish 1st, some want BC, some want mega miles, some want multi days, some want to just finish, that list can go on and on.... and some - like your Directors and your Office Staff - want to do the best we can to improve AERC in every way we can.  Your Directors work towards this goal at their own expense and for no financial, verbal or other rewards except the satisfaction of knowing they have done their best to make things a little better for AERC and its membership.  Judging our last few years, I say, unequivocally, the Board has not only reached their goal, but has exceeded expectations beyond what many could ever imagine.  The truly great thing about this success is the working partnership between the Board, Membership and Office that is the motivating factor. 
Randy Eiland  

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