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Venice Turpentine and Pine Tar

  Someone mentioned to me that you can use Venice Turpentine 
and Pine Tar to 'toughen' a horses feet.  Doe anyone know how 
these are applied?  Does it work?  I looked at some other 
products for hoof-toughening and they were really pricey.
I'd especially like to find some way to toughen the tissue of 
my horses hoof-bulbs.  The skin on his heel-bulbs sometimes 
gets soft and mascerated (like what happens to your feet when 
you soak too long in the tub).  I am assuming the softening is 
just due to standing in damp grass (he is feild boarded).  I 
don't want the easy-boot straps to chew up his heels and I 
really don't ant to go throught he vet-wrap-under-the boots-
routine if I can help it: takes too long to tack up as it is.  
I have the back of the easy-boots cut all the way down and the 
heel-straps cut down as well, and I don't pull the heel-straps 
up high, but I don't know how well they'll stay on in the mud 
(when things thaw) if I can't pull them up a bit higher.  So if 
I could toughen his heels up abit I think it would be 


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