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Re: RC: RE: Endurance News

There have been very good articles in EN over the past 10 years. From time to
time the quality has been extremely good -  better than today. Jeannie Waldron
has written some good article as has Dane Frazier as have others with a lot of
experience, expertiese and bunches of letters after their names.

The EN needs to get back to serving the needs of endurance riders. Too much of
the same thing - or minor variations on the same thing doesn't fit that bill. An
article on scraches is great, but a series on scrahes would leave something to
be desired. An article on "centered riding" is wonderful but 36 column inches a
month is a bit much.

Hopefully we can get a variety of articles which will serve us well.


Kathy Mayeda wrote:

> Susan -
> I have no problem with what you are saying here and I appreciate
> your articles greatly.  I enjoy your column and even re-reading
> your beet pulp article because I think it's totally relevant to
> our sport.  Can you clone yourself?  We definitely need more experts
> like you to write articles.  Even among our great body of our
> Board of Directors there is a wealth of experience that could
> be tapped for ideas and information - maybe it just takes someone
> the time to put it into paper.
> But pulleasse..... as Cindy posted:
> "There's no point in trying to do what Equus does better."
> And I agree with you, the staff is doing its best with what
> resources they have.  I'm just suggesting that they might need
> more resources.
> K.

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