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Re: Re: Re: anyone with opinions/experience with treeless saddles?

I'm sorry it didn't come across clearer that these changes are easily made
at the time of ordering with regard to customizing.

Changing the rigging after purchase should be done by the manufacturer. 
The stirrup and rigging straps are embedded in the foam pad material.  This
is a patented process that does pad both horse and rider from the straps,
but makes it difficult for any other saddler to change.  The cost to have
manufacturer change rigging is $125.  Manufacturer says firmly that they
can do this change in 4-6 weeks.

Have you considered doing what I did...reordering another saddle during
off-season and selling the one you have?  I know you probably won't break
completely even, but you won't have the constant frustration of using
something that you're not happy with.  


> From: Cynthia Eyler <>
> To: Ridecamp <>
> Subject: RC:  Re: Re: anyone with opinions/experience with treeless
> Date: January 10, 2001 9:56 AM
> > Rigging can be changed easily to accommodate each horse.
> > Stirrup setting can be easily changed to put your leg
> > directly under you or more traditional western setting.
> Hey, I love my SS, but I'm baffled by the above statements.  I want to
> change the position of my stirrup rigging, but that would require sending
> saddle back to the factory.  They say they'd need a month to make the
> change, but their track record tells me that it would be more like 2-3
> months.  I don't have another saddle to use in the meantime, so that
> work for me.
> I took my SS to a highly respected and very skilled local saddle
> fitter/repair guy to have him do the work.  He opened up the saddle and
> threw up his hands.  Moving the rigging would have torn all the internal
> foam padding to shreds.
> Please tell me how my "Stirrup setting can be easily changed"!!
> Cindy
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