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Fwd: RC: RE: Re: where to get ex-racehorse arabs?

Sorry the client sent this to us and requested it to be forwarded.

---- Begin included message ----
I'm a client of Trail-Rite. They do sell great horses, there are many out on 
the trails. Well taken care of, well trained, and worth the price. I got my 
mare from there, and don't have one complaint...! She's the best one! I also 
rode a horse from Trail-Rite during the 1999 season, Rett Butler. I took 3rd 
place PS Region Junior, and in the 2000 season Rett took 1st place 
Heavyweight PS Region, and if I'm correct an overall placing, right Tammy?  
    There are many great horses from Trail-Rite, many taking national and 
regional standings...
        E-mail me if you would like any questions answered from a           
                    Kori Byrd & Nantyka's April
---- End included message ----

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