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Re: RC: Volunteering

>I will be volunteering at the Osceola Ride this weekend in Lake City, FL.
>This will be my first exprience at an endurance event. I've been reading
>all of your posts on ridecamp and on and trying to soak it
>all in. From reading everyone's stories I think I have a slight grasp on
>what it is all about. However, I was wondering if any one might have some
>advice for me concerning volunteer etiquette and/or faux pas to be aware
>of. Being a complete newbie to the sport I'd hate to make some ignorant
>mistake and get labeled as the goof from South Florida for the rest of my
>(potential) endurance experience.
>Patti Fuchs

I doubt if you could do anything that hasn't been done before.  My personal
favorite is the P&R volunteer at a NATRC ride a few years ago who was very
intently pressing the stethoscope up against my horse and looking a bit
puzzled.  Finally, as straightfaced as I could, I pointed out that he could
hear the heart much better if he came up forward and listened through the
rib cage --  instead of trying to pick it up through all the gut sounds! <g>

Lynn Kinsky (Santa Ynez, CA)

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