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Re: volunteering

The very first time I volunteered was at a Race of Champions in Wyoming (the
Big Horn) I had never taken a horses Pulse before.  I was at the last vet
check...the front runners came in neck to neck..They were REALLY "focused "
on pulsing down before the other one...And there "for the grace of God" was
I....I think I was presented by Darla with RT Muffin...For the life of me I
couldn't hear a heart beat...I couldn't hear ANYTHING!!! Seemed like an
eternity...My life was passing before my eyes as the other horse pulsed which point a VERY polite Darla pointed out that I had forgotten
to put the stethoscope in my ears ;o0...

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> > was wondering if any one might have some advice for me concerning
> volunteer etiquette and/or faux pas to be aware of. >Being a complete
> newbie to the sport I'd hate to make some >ignorant mistake
> I can tell you the dumbest thing I did. I'd just learned to take a pulse
> and volunteered at a CT ride. They were walking those horses *slowly* in
> from a 2 mile warning marker to get their P&R check. The horses were
> probably at their resting pulses when they came in. I couldn't find a
> couple of horse's pulses, but I throught I could "feel" it. I wrote "72"
> on their cards. I realize now that I was feeling my own pulse. Bet they
> wanted to kill me!
> Angie
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