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Whips and outsider's perspective

Indeed. And this, from the "purists" who condone gingering, soring of feet,
'bumping' jumpers to encourage them to lift their feet higher over fences,
liquid cocaine in the eyes to make them glossy and 'wide'; whipping halter
horses being the show barns until they drop to their knees in submission;
rhythmic spurring of dressage horses; savage bits in many disciplines; the
list goes on of things we have SEEN in the show ring. All of this pales next
to the base reason for abuse of any kind - a complete absence of true
horsemanship and a lack of understanding of the very nature of the horse.
You're preaching to the choir, Sandy.  One of the things which has attracted me to the sport of endurance is the refreshing attitude I see on Ridecamp : of riders committed to enjoying the sport with their horses.
Unfortunately, I think mine is a lone voice in the wilderness, however.
Still, that's never made me shut up, before, has it? <grin>

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