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Whips and outsider's perspective

I've been reading the mail on this, and I must say I'm somewhat astounded that FEI has passed this ruling, particularly as it has seen fit NOT to pass similar rulings in relation to the other disciplines.
What I'm about to say may upset many of you, and I'd like to point out that this is NOT my point of view, and that I don't endorse it in any way, but I've discussed the ruling with some folks in other disciplines, and the only "rationale" we can think of for the FEI's decision, is that, to many people, and particularly to those involved in other disciplines, endurance riding is still perceived as "yahoo" riding.
To the so-called "purists" of equestrianism, it is unnecessary to "mess with" long-established sports such as show-jumping, dressage, and eventing.  Indeed, the politics rampant in those sports would make any attempt to do so highly unlikely to succeed.  However, as endurance is a new sport, and lacks the elitism of the older disciplines, it is "fair game" to the FEI, which is seeking to show the animal activists out there that it truly has the best interests of the horse at heart.
Maybe I'm wrong in my assumption, but my experience sitting on disciplinary panels makes me think not.
Any thoughts?

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