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Re: RC: Re: Fwd: FEI Stuff, (Spurs, Safety, Self-defense, etc.)

In a message dated 01/08/2001 11:42:18 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

<< I also think the jury is still out on how the FEI endurance will be 
perceived by
 the US public in general.  >>

Fortunately, if I understand it correctly, it won't matter a whole lot how 
the US public views FEI endurance rules, as they will be applied only to 
international events, not local ones.  These rules are being applied to ALL 
equestrian events that take place on an international level, including the 
Olympics.  The 3-day events, the dressage, the driving, all at the Olympics, 
were governed by FEI rules for that particular discipline.  FEI rules will 
not rule local AERC rides, only the ones who are willing to host a ride under 
FEI rules, such as qualifying rides for FEI endurance hopefuls.  In order for 
our USA riders to be able to compete in international endurance events, from 
now on, they must qualify in FEI sanctioned rides.  We will offer a dual 
sanctioned ride in will run under AERC rules only, the other will 
run under FEI rules.  Same ride, same time, same trail, same day....just dual 
sanctioning.  There will also be a Region 3 IAHA championship ride, so 
actually, triple sanctioning.  Or some riders will ride the AERC/FEI ride and 
some will ride the AERC/IAHA ride.  Others will ride only the AERC ride and 
some will ride/run the Ride & Tie event.  Quite a circus this will be.  It 
should flow perfectly smoothly.


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