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Re: RC: FEI stuff

In a message dated Sun, 7 Jan 2001  1:03:15 PM Eastern Standard Time, "Linda 
Van Ceylon" <> writes:

<< This is a serious setback for the safety of all riders and horses. >>

Linda, I have to agree.  It is sad when the abuse by a few take away "tools" 
that are wisely used by others.  While the vast majority of horses do not 
need crops or spurs, there ARE those who occasionally need a "reminder" to 
make them listen in a tight situation.  Just as it would be foolish to outlaw 
such tack items as splint boots, cruppers, or breast collars (even though 
most horses do not need them), it is foolish to outlaw crops and spurs.  I've 
ridden stallions most of my life, and they are by and large well-behaved 
boys--but I've also been in circumstances with them (particularly at the 
beginnings of rides, where things are crowded) where OTHER people have 
sashayed their horses' butts under my boys' noses, and a reminding tap has 
occasionally been necessary to keep another rider's rudeness from becoming an 
incident.  (I can remember situations where the offending rider never 
realized that they had just ruffled a stallion's feathers, because the boys 
know that Mom means business, and that little tap i
s enough to make them stick to their knitting!)  Most times my crop is 
clipped to the saddle, but I'd hate to be told I could not take it at all!


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