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Dianne Hilbert
Hello to all out there!
I am going to relocate either this summer or next from Canada (right now, 7:45 pm, -5 C, was a beautiful sunny day - even rode without gloves!) 

I know I will be heading to California - I want to be able to ride (comfortably) year round - I presently ride to -20 C (-6 F) - most weather conditions, except ice.  I have family (nonhorse) there.  I am about to retire - will work at something that will allow me to ride eveeryday.  I want to compete - seems that the NW portion of California has the longest season (and the most rides).  I am free to choose where to settle - would love to be near trails that are not threatened (Tevis!!!- absolutely love the Auburn area.  Have to be "frugal"!! Have horses to bring!  

Any helpful input or suggestions would be greatfully appreciated?

I follow "ridecamp" - love it when discusions relate to conditioning, etc for ER.

Thanks again for any suggestions!


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