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Riding and TI

Mr. Iverson, I just visited your web site, read your bio and looked at your products and I must say I am impressed. Without getting involved in the "bet" I would like to know how Bill and Smokey do on their rides using your products. Who cares if they are not AERC rides. 50 miles is 50 miles. As Mrs. Samms so sweetly pointed out I also have put on some rides that were not sanctioned and no one was pulled (not one) and no one died. I have already been accused of being "egnert" about FEI so don't leave me in the dark about your products, please. I am not being a smarty. I am sure I have read your articles in Trail Blazer and the only other magazine I read is THE HORSE.   I am sure I have seen your products but just didn't get the connection. Up until now, I haven't used supplements, just good alfalfa, salt, Source and Athlete. So far, so good. Not speeding yet, (started my mare this year) but no pulls. This is my 7th season but just starting 50's. So sit back, have a cold one (if that is your method of anger management, I know it is for me) and fill us in. Just the facts. Some of us do have an IQ worth educating (even us housewives) and live for endurance. If there is something that will help my horse compete at her best and recover the quickest without getting us in trouble,(illegal substance) I would like to hear about it. I also pray for full and speedy recoveries for both the gentlemen in the hospital. Lisa Salas, The Odd Farm

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