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RE: Boots

Probably the best type of boots for the injury you've described are the 
professionals choice sports medicine boots, since they offer a great deal of 
support to the tendon structures of the leg.  Usually I'm not in favor of 
them for our sport because they hold in heat, but in this case I think they 
would be your best bet.  Also on your rehab program, the walk is the least 
likely gait to stress your horse and you can walk for hours, gaining 
conditioning without excessive stress, only question is how patience are you? 
 I would try to keep the horse away from extreme topography (steep up or down 
hill work) during the recovery period and I might check with my vet about the 
advisability of using a mild dose of bute daily for awhile (?) to 
reduce/retard any tendency toward inflamation. DSS 

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