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Re: RC: Almost healed stone bruise

Hi Tish,
    I have a mare with what is probably a stone bruise (nothing else showed up on xrays).  My vet advised rest and putting a bar shoe on that foot for support.  She's not being ridden so I'm not too worried about rebruising.  I did move her out of the pasture where it happened to a smaller one with only mares so she isn't getting chased when she is in heat.
Cheers, Laney

"" wrote:

Tish Stoots
I have a horse that bruised a frog on a front hoof such that it was sore enough to be lame for 10 days.  I bandaged with DMSO/furazone and then put on Easyboots during that time.  The horse is now sound, but the area is still slightly tender.  I would like to protect the front feet and the bruised area
from the potential for rebruising or abcess and was thinking of filling the horseshoes on both front feet with Equi-Pak and then Easyboots on top of that.

Has anyone out there used Equi-Pak and what did they think of it?  Or how have others cared for their horses' feet after a bruise?

Tish Stoots
Bozeman MT

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