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RE: Biltmore

Have ridden this trail all of the years it has been going on.. Its a tough
do-able trail.  Not any harder than any other year and Anne does make it a
challenge.  It is a well run ,well marked, and lovely trail.  It does take a
smart rider and a conditioned horse to get through it in good shape. If you
paid attention and rode with your wits about you the markers did fine.

 I never ask volunteers for trail directions, they some times have to work
different sections and it is unfair to expect them to know what we are
suppose to know from the briefing and maps given. The major reason a rider
asked for directions at this ride, seems to me, is so he can stop thinking
and just ride faster.

I felt that with the number of riders allowed on the trail to compete, 200
or so, the management did a terrific job.  Anne Ayala is one of the best
ones out there folks....

Joy and Orion

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Biltmore was tough this year.  Seemed tougher than
in years past.  Those of you who ride this ride each year,
can you please comment on this?  Times seemed longer
and pulls were more frequent, or was I imagining it?

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