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I just printed out and read all 51 pages of the FEI "Rules for Endurance Riding." I am no longer egnert as I be edgeecated. Anyway, you too can read every rule as it is written at Look under reference and then rules. I have to say some of it is entertaining. For instance, under article 801, The course it states that "A  distance marker must be placed every 10 km." Now does that mean a marker that tells you how far you have gone or have to go? Or are those the markers that just mark the course? That is a little over 6 miles which would be great on a clean stretch but on a heavily wooded foot trail with lots of little side trails, well we have all been there. I don't want to have to read a map while I am riding, but I would like to see a few confidence markers in-between maybe. It also says that both sides of the trail should have markers all along the course. It goes into the duties of officials and that goes on forever. How many Judges and Presidents does it take to put on a ride?  Under invitations it states that "The organizing Committee of World and Continental Championships may accept responsibility for meeting the traveling and living expenses of all competitors, horse, groom and team official (Chefs d'Equipe and Veterinarians) to be invited according to the rules from the day before the First Horse Inspection until the day after the end of the Championships This must be published in the schedule." I thought that was interesting. Does AERC offer anything like that? Under article 817 Dress, it is stated that " Dress must be appropriate and not detrimental to the image of Endurance Riding. (What is "the image?") It is strongly recommended at all Endurance competitions and it is compulsory at Championships and CEIOs to wear the following Dress- a shirt with collar......*Riding tights,if worn, must be approved by the Ground Jury" Yada, Yada, Yada. You can read the rest. I am not very good at following rules but, should I ever decide to step up to the plate, I will know what I am getting into and what to expect. FYI, There is money awarded  in FEI  endurance racing ,but in the USA . I be smarter now. Lisa Salas, The Odd Farm

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