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In a message dated 5/9/01 1:44:44 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

> Then of course there is the question of dominance. This occurs at the local
>  ride level at the regional level and at the national level. We know who
>  dominates at the International level, the FEI so we do accept that. But do
>  we have to have this bureaucratic organization at our national level? And 
>  we do, will they also control the day to day operations? If not, of what 
>  are they?

Far be it from me to speak for any of our American endurance riders who want 
to do FEI rides, but I think one of the reasons they want FEI rides, here in 
the states, is because of qualification.  It's my understanding that to 
qualify for certain International rides a rider must have completed two or 
more FEI rides during that ride year.  Otherwise, they become ineligible for 
a particular FEI ride or, maybe, have to pay the ride fees for those two 
rides that they did not do, as was the case in Egypt recently if I undersood 
Maryanne correctly.

The riders do not get FEI credit for any AERC only rides, and that's why they 
want more of them (FEI) in the states.  Because of the FEI guidelines.  And 
I'm not talking about the World Cup or Pan AM level rides only.  Some of the 
UAE rides require a certain amount of prior FEI riding to be eligible for 

Do I have a clue here?  Someone please correct me if I'm wrong; but isn't 
that the motivation for most of the American riders wanting FEI rules at our 
endurance rides here in the states?  I'd really like to know.


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