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Re: RC: RE: FEI/AERC Rules

In a message dated 5/9/01 7:16:35 AM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

I would have no question if a ride stated they were running under FEI rules
as printed or if that ride stated they were running under AERC rules as
printed. But when a ride is conducted with some FEI rules, but modified to
fit that ride and under AERC rules modified to fit the ride, then I am
totally against it.

Bob, we are running Swanton Pacific this year as a dual sanctioned ride.  It
is my understanding that these will be separate rides, conducted on the same
trail at the same time, each under its own set of rules.  Only the riders
signed up for the FEI part will ride under FEI rules, and same goes for the
AERC riders, who will ride under AERC rules only.  I hope it works well as
such.  I'll be sending a followup after the ride and will let everyone know
how it went.


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