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Re: RC: Biltmore Blues

Since I know all (according to you Jim) <g>, guess I too need to set a few
things straight.  After looking back at records, I see you (Jim) have never
been to Biltmore for the spring ride.  The fall one yes, Ann doesn't manage
that ride.  And on that note, for at least the last two years, if not three,
the head vet set the pulse rate at 60.  Also for the past two years, the
pulse card (paper) was used.  If you arrived at Biltmore Friday any time in
the past (gosh knows how many years) you would have been lucky to park within
1/2 mile!  Because of the first come basis.  So you were 1/4 mile closer!  
Since you also rode at OD last year, you have ridden with Henry as the finish
line timer, so you were weighed at the finish line there.  As for the people
getting lost, Angie already touched on that.  As too the heart monitor belt,
as someone already said, several years ago when HM became the new thing, it
was said at every ride I went to that they were to be turned off in the VC.  
 Now none of the above happened because it was an FEI ride.  I know some of
the FEI's rules can be waived if requested, i.e., some couldn't come until
Friday, one lady must carry a whip due to an injury and inability to use on
leg.  So they aren't carved in stone.  One thing they tried that has been
used overseas is an exit CRI.  The 100 milers at one check, had to come back
to the vets 10 min. or so prior to leaving the VC for another CRI.  And the
vets also checked anything that wasn't great at the previous check.  2-3
horses got pulled at this check.  One was thumping, one horses pulse went
back up above criteria, and wouldn't come down, and I think another was lame.
 Pretty interesting stuff, and since Ann had the vet power to do this without
a back up, could have saved some problems.  None of these horses needed
another 15-20 miles till they were seen again.  In talking with the people
doing the research, they said that they learned interesting things,
supposedly they predicted the winner, and many who would be pulled.  Many
thanks to Buckeye feeds for sponsoring this!  I wish I had brought a horse to
ride now, plus I would have gotten more sleep!  Was in bed last year way
earlier than this year.  
 The whole thing with BC was the head vet's decision.  We started telling
the 100's that their BC check was 1.5 hours after crossing the finish line.  
That basically was what Dr. Randall was saying.  Everyone had to do a 30 min.
CRI if they didn't they weren't standing for BC (no different from a 15 min.
or so one as at every other ride), and BC was an hour after their 30 min.
CRI, he gave them an extra 30 min. since they finished on the hill and it was
a long walk.  The FEI horses had to be down within an hour, the open within
1.5 hours.  Last year, we did the regular 1 hour post finish time BC judging.
 I have been to several FEI rides, here and overseas.  Several years ago
Deena Meyer put on one, with lots less entries.  That is probably most of the
problems, 200 horses.  
 As for most of the pulls being metabolic, I believe, since I was in the Vet
area all day, that this is also not true.  Tons of lame horses, usually for a
variety of reasons.  Probably 3 didn't get to start the ride, and several
were told they couldn't get any worse.  Several riders, including a Junior
rider, pulled when the vets talked to them.  The horses were off, almost lame
enough to pull, but the riders decided not to go on.  One person I saw  
stopped and lead his horse back after seeing it lame, after a few steps, no
arguing, no letting the goon squad trot him again.  That was also something
they did that is done at OD and was at ROC, they had several vets look at
questionable horses.  If it was a lameness, the examining vet would just tell
the others to come watch and the horse would trot off.  No prompting on what
leg, and if they couldn't decide which leg (which didn't happen often) of
course they were free to go on.
 Aah well, enough babbling by me.  As someone said Sunday, on the calendar
12 FEI rides are listed.  If people aren't interested in them, don't go.  
Probably won't be as many next year anyway, the biggest difference I saw, was
the paperwork.  That seemed like a PITA.  Simple as that, same as with a ride
where things always seem to have problems, vote with your feet...or your
hooves <g>

Nina Barnett (that still sounds weird)

    Check it Out!    

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