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Hi, San,
I've addressed most of your post in my reply to Jim, but I'd like to add one thing:
I said before, endurance is a sport of pretty much last resort for show ring escapees who got really sick of the politics, the procedures for their own sake, and the spit and shine expectations of all parties concerned.
Is this the case for every person who does endurance?  The sport appeals to me not because I'm tired of the show ring (I love it!) but because it is a different kind of challenge.  I've tried most other sports, and am dead keen to try endurance.  I won't stop doing the other sports, because I get a kick out of all of them.
We want to see how far and how well and how safely we can ride our  horses in a given length of time - without collared shirts, without anyone telling us where to stand before we vet in, and without having TWO sets of rules to consider. If we wanted THAT, we would go to CTR some - but won't because we don't WANT that kind of petty scrutiny.
That kind of "petty scrutiny" just doesn't bother me.  When I do endurance / LD / whatever, I'll learn whatever rules apply, just as I had to when I started every other game. 
Because, much as I would deny it vehemently in public, there is a small, very private, competitive edge to my personality.  I don't go there to win (on Toc that would be pretty pointless >g<) but if, when I get there, I feel like I could win, because, today, Toc is in a good moon, the sun is at the right angle in the sky, and Jupiter is aligned with Mars, I don't want to have victory snatched from my grasp because I didn't bother to learn the rules.

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