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In a message dated 5/8/01 9:08:35 AM Pacific Daylight Time,

If wearing a shirt with a collar is such a downer for any of you, you
need to re-look at your desire to ride. I would ride in a sweat shirt
and long johns if that is all it took to get on the trail. Would I like
it ?

Why are you guys getting in such a dither over this.  FEI does not require
this from anyone but FEI riders.  If you are not riding FEI, you can wear
whatever you want.  If this was not so at Biltmore, it was a ride rule, not
FEI or AERC.......

And if you don't like the FEI rides, don't go to them.  They are really few
and far between.

However, don't complain when we can't field our best team for the world
championships because they have no FEI experience or cannot qualify....


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