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Biltmore's Pit Crew Applause

I rode the 100 mile ride and my husband, Mike, rode the 50 at the Biltmore. 
So I had thought I would be crewless. I was just absolutely blown away by 
everyone trying to help me crew my horse. Thanks so much for all the help and 
offers for help. I had people who didn't even know me ask if they could hold 
my horse while I took care of things, ask if I needed water, totally cooled 
my horse down for me. You pit crews are a great group of people and sorry we 
do not recognize you more at the awards and during the ride than what we do. 
I really did appreciate all your help and feel like you helped me to complete 
with a much happier horse and rider. I rode with Dinah Rojek most of the day 
and her pit crew did a wonderful job with me and my horse. I just what you 
all to know that you guys are wonderful!!!  Connie Caudill

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