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FEI stuff

Just like everything else in the world, it doesn't help to be a little more educated on different subjects.
Becky Hart dual sanctioned a 50 miler, and everyone asked "why?"  But now I know that this is
a good faith effort on her part to educate the average endurance rider on how the scary, scary
FEI rules actually impacts a ride.  We are a world community and somehow if FEI is the way
we have to bridge our cultural gaps in endurance, then it wouldn't hurt to expose ourselves
to the way the rest of the world does rides.  The cost to do the Shine and Shine Only CEI-B
was only $10 additional to the riders for the FEI.  It was a very well run ride, and the vetting was done
very carefully.   If you think about it, AERC could possibly have considerably more influence
on FEI if we provide a more hospitable environment.  So far there has been some hostility
to FEI, and that may well reflect badly on us American riders within the FEI endurance community.
I enjoyed the SASO IV CEI-B.  It added a little more glamour having world class
competitors and veterinary staff managing, vetting and competing at the ride.   I was sad
not being able to compete at Washoe, but I look forward to Swanton!
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