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Re: Pad Suggestions

Title: Re: Pad Suggestions
Hi Tara,
Sorry about your saddle fit problems.  You mention in your post that your saddle was tested with "one of those gel-pack thingies".  I presume you are referring to the Impression Pad which we are the manufacturer of.  The version of Impression Pad which was used to test your saddle is not suited for panel saddles.  The Impression Pad illustrates saddle fit by the displacement of a moldable putty.  If the panels of the saddle are too large in relation to the size of the Impression Pad the putty won't have room to move.  The saddle will become suspended on the putty and won't give an accurate reading.

Greg Roskies
The Port Lewis Workshop

> Hi all!
> I just finished my first 18 mile CTR on my new horse.
> I'm riding an Arab in an Orthoflex Patriot, which I had tested with one of
> those gel-pack thingies for fit (and the fit was just fine, according to the
> expert who did the fitting).
> Anyhoo, the horse was sore in his whole back after this very aggressive,
> very fast, very hilly ride in the mountains of Northwestern Arkansas
> (Arkansas Traveler).
> No dry spots and fine in the withers.
> My mentor on the ride said that it was due to the horse traveling most of
> the ride with his head up in the air and not knowing how to handle the
> extreme hills (we're flatlanders).
> I agree totally and will start conditioning immediately.
> But I'm also wondering if I need a more shock absorbent pad than the wussy
> booties on the Orthoflex.
> Any suggestions?

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