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Re: RC: Strangles

I used to board at a facility that had strangles go through the barn about 5 
years before I got there.  My mare had never been vacinated for strangles, 
but was off the track after racing for many years.  She never contracted 
strangles from this place, and I still don't have her vacinated.  Another 
horse that moved there shortly after I did had spent it's entire life at one 
facility and had contact with only one other horse it's entire life.  2 
weeks after it moved there it was a snot factory.  The most disgusting 
disease I've ever seen.  It took about 6 weeks for the disease to complete 
resolve.  No other horse got sick.  I don't know if this means that somehow 
my mare has immunity that has lasted a lifetime or if she was just lucky.

Carolyn Burgess

>From: "Kathy Mayeda" <>
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>Subject: RC:    Strangles
>Date: Mon, 7 May 2001 08:52:12 -0700
>I think what we are "arguing" about is a given that it is a grey area.
>There probably
>is a lot of truth to both of your statements. The carrier horse did not
>get sick and has had no previous history of strangles or recent 
>for strangles.
>But he goes to a lot of endurance rides, whereas the others that got sick
>have a little more insulated life.
>By the way, I had an interesting conversation re: strangle with someone
>who's vet diagnosed a "mild case of strangles" and told her not to
>tell anyone!  Second guessing the vet here, but I suppose that this
>is in an environment with previous strangles cases so it's "in the ground"
>anyway and just wanted to prevent further hysteria.  Boarding facilities
>are a lot more difficult to control information/misinformation.  Don't
>know all the facts here and I won't even speculate whether or not this
>vet was negligent in this case, so don't get off on this thread!
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>Subject: RE: RC: Strangles
>In a message dated Mon, 7 May 2001 11:11:35 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
>Mayeda" <> writes:
><< Heidi, if you read the article again, Dr. O says that they lose their
>immunity over time "perhaps as short as 2 years."
>He is not disagreeing with you.  >>
>Here is his quote:
><1) There is no doubt that experimentally Strangles horses loose their
>immunity over time, perhaps as short as 2 years. Experience suggests in the
>real world a longer lasting immunity, some think life time. I have seen
>horses in the middle of outbreak surrounded by sick horses that remained
>free of the disease but had no history of prior infection or vaccination.
>Then again I had not know the horses that well.>
>So, he is citing experimental cases having waning immunities, but 
>that it may be different in real life.  I am suggesting that real life is
>indeed similar to the experimental cases.  It sounds here as if he is
>quoting others and not really expressing a clear-cut opinion from his own
>experience.  I know from my own experience as well as from the experiences
>of others that the immunity is not lifetime, and I haven't talked to anyone
>active in the field of immunology that still holds that belief, either.
>Regarding horses that do not get sick in a given outbreak--they may or may
>not be immune, as all diseases have a pattern  of "morbidity" (the number
>that get sick) and it is rarely 100% for any disease.  I can't cite precise
>morbidity figures for strangles, but although it has a high morbidity, it
>does not approach 100%.  This doesn't mean that the horses who stay well
>necessarily have an immunity from a previous exposure.  While Dr. O does 
>come right out and say !
>that they do, he is inferring th
>at he thinks they might.
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