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FEI, Shine & Shine & Biltmore

OK, I wasn't at Biltmore so don't have a clue about that particular event.  
Have been to
other FEI events and know that while vetting procedures are different that an 
open ride,
they don't require rocket science to understand.  The reason I KNOW that is 
watched/participated in a number of FEI events where everyone (all the riders 
and grooms)
could and did figure out how to handle the "little extras" that go along with 
the FEI.  
Can't say as I got the impression that all of the participants were MENSA 
members at these other events and that's not a disparaging remark because 
NEITHER AM I and that IS
my point.  Sounds to me like a lack of good communication is more the problem 
than the FEI
sanction.  I'd be interested in hearing from some of the "regular" riders who 
in the recent FEI sanctioned event, the Shine & Shine ride in San Jose, Ca.  
I stopped by
for a bit and it seemed to be pretty much business as usual there.  I know 
that wasn't
a Pan Am demonstration ride or an IAHA championship, but if we're going to 
blaming FEI for being the reason for an atmosphere which was undesirable, ya 
gotta look
at the WHOLE field of FEI events.
    As to the segration issue, who boy, does that make my blood boil?!  You 
bet!  But then
I've been pointing that out re: the LD division of the sport for years now.  
Doesn't feel very
good to be told or even have it implied, that you're just not "good" enough 
to park with
the fat cats, or you're not REALLY an "endurance" rider until you've done a 
50 mile ride or
how about that LD horses aren't important enough to be recorded in the 
yearbook?   Try
that one on while the "parking" shoe is pinching!  How would you feel if YOUR 
miles were
recognized while your horse partner was ignored? DSS    

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