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If international endurance competition wants to generate a following among 
other than those who are participating and their family and friends, someone 
is going to
have to get savey about a little thing called "publicity."  Let's start with 
the fact
that no matter where I went on AERC, END NET, INTERN web sites, the only 
place I
could find which gave a list of riders long listed for Pan Am was the East 
Region (congratulations for a nice site!)  
Hard to "pick a horse/rider" to follow when there's no info about who they 
are!  What 
about getting up to date?   What about a brief bio on the riders and their 
horses, their
hopes, the reason they are doing this.....(anyone ever watch the 
trainer/owner interviews
before the Kentucky Derby).  Speaking of the KD, anyone think it would retain 
all of its 
mystery and attraction for SO MANY people who don't own a horse, let alone 
own a race
horse, if we didn't get any information on the result of the race until the 
next day?  Big 
ride,  FEI demonstration, Biltmore.....where are results?  Again, all I can 
find on the net are
the negative comments from someone who was unhappy with their experience 
What's with that? DSS  

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