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re: Biltmore Blues

Bummer. I thought things like that only happened at a select few rides here in Florida! People getting lost, vet area in chaos, etc,. I was hoping to do that ride but was told there was a waiting list. Jim, I guess it has been a while since you did an LD but they too, are treated like 2nd , no 5th class riders. Well, sometimes these rides can be overwhelming for both management and riders. You did the right thing after by sitting back, chilling out and calling it a ride. Endurance riding is like raising kids. It can be very frustrating so you have to be flexible and have a great sense of humor!! I hate to rub this in, but the Pirate Run was wonderful. Rolling hills, easy to get through vet checks, great volunteers. We also had a good photographer but Genie is the best. Ride 'em any way you can. Lisa Salas The Odd Farm

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