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Thoroughbreds in Endurance

Heeheehee...  I can risk posting because I have a
mac and am thus not at risk for the virus...

Whoever said they don't see Thoroughbreds in endurance
at all sure doesn't read their endurance news very often.
There is a mare named Sugar Shenanigans in the midwest
region who shows up in the top ten points standings in
several issues over the last few years.  She has won several
rides.  I have my Jan 2001 EN right here and in addition to
listing SS in the Midwest point standings, there are two
Thoroughbreds in the top ten BC standings: Jaipur's Journey
in the Central Region and Tabun's Tyke in the Northwest.  

I believe ur own Kris Olko's TB mare Gene Said No is going to
the 2001 XP, right Kris?  Swallow and Kris have also won rides.
There are certainly active TB's out there pounding out the miles
if you just look for them.  Those outside of the top ten are
harder to pick up because the breed isn't often listed in the
results.  Yes, ride managers have enough to do as it is.

Hey Mike, how about listing the breed with the rest of the
info in the horse history database?  Yes, Mike also has enough
to do as it is.  ;-)

Magnum?  Well, he'd be out there except he kinda broke a leg
when he was 4.  Unfortunately, the fracture involved a joint.
Fortunately, he had most of his cannon bone left to stand on
and he got the very best care from UC Davis.

He completed 2 50's in '95 and '96.  He's 20 this year.  He could
probably do another one, but it's also not in his best interest...
physically, not mentally.  Mentally he'd love to be back out on the
endurance trail.  Or at the track for that matter.  Magnum has good,
old lines (Nasrullah, Princequillo IMHO... not Norther Dancer).  Yes,
he's got soft TB feet, but they are sucessfully managed with
Dynamite vits and Dyna-Hoof.  He's great fun.

Here's a question.  Fortunately, endurance is open to ALL Equines.
Which means if the price of cloning comes down from 1.3 mil, should
I list Magnum II as a TB or a Clone?  Wanna think harder?  Should I
geld him??

;-)  - Kathy Myers
in No. Cal. with Magnum aka "Little Matador" the TB ex-racer and
retired TB endurance horse
and Mr Maajistic, resident endurance Arab

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