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I'm working on the photos now, got lots more to show you guys :+).

The first few finishers were Heather Bergantz riding Red -- they finished 
an hour ahead of anybody else and Red looked GREAT!  Then Marcia Smith, 
Suzanne Ford Huff and Sharon Westergard.  I'm not sure after that what was 
what, but have got several photos.  Jazon was in there, Dave 
Cootware....many still out on trail.  Anita Fiondella was first on the 
50.  Best Condition judging on the 100 is tomorrow morning.

Everything went really well, they had at least 5 vets that I counted, 
smooth going even tho close to 200 horses.  One FEI rider on the 100 early 
in the morning had her horse fall and broke her leg.  Otherwise, a 
beautiful perfect day for an endurance ride!

Check (look up Washoe) for the photos...give me some 
time to get them all edited and uploaded.  There are pics from last years 
trail if you want to see what the trail was like.  I'm not sure what the 
winning time was on the 100, but the 50 miler was closer to 6 hours than 5 
(I think like 5:45, but I'm not sure).  Somebody said that Heather and Red 
did the last 50 (which is the same as the 50 mile trail) faster than the 
50's did it.  not bad, eh?  He really did look great, this was his and 
Heather's first win on a 100 miler.  Red won the Haggin cup in 1999.

Happy Trails,

in NV

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