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Re: Biltmore

Hate to hear that people were screaming and complaining...It is a horrible
ordeal to get lost and have to retrace or redue miles...however...almost
every time I've been off trail it has been no fault of the trail marking or
lack thereof---It's been lack of attention on my part...I know there are
exceptions...there was a ride here in Montana a few years ago that will go
down in the  history annuals of endurance riding as the all-time-worst
marked trail.  Almost EVERYBODY got lost!  It was those people's first
attempt at marking a trail and they just missed the boat.  And then, of
course, there was the ride I put on several years ago where I has the drag
rider start pulling the ribbons and, unbeknowest to me , there were still
two riders behind him...they ended up in the middle of the Bob Marshall
Wilderness and if it hadn't been for some concerned outfitter...they'd
probably have ended up somewhere in Canada.  But that was then and this is
now and I just want every one to know that my ride (THE VALLEY FIRE RIDE) in
Western Montana on June 30th...will be unbelievably well marked! (and no
ribbons will be pulled until the next day!.)

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> Just returned from Biltmore (early because the horse I was helping crew
> hit a tree and had a grade three lameness.  This is Abbie's horse from
> Leatherwood. It's a shame because she was running 1st in the 50.)
> is a real can of worms this year.  It's a money ride IAHA, and also a
> qualifying ride for the FEI.  Lot's of rules but that's not the problem.
> About twelve top 100s took a wrong turn and was not stopped by  a spotter
> present at the turn and came into the second vet check ahead of two 100s
> went our ahead of them without passing them.   After these twelve started
> vetting out it was realized that they took a wrong turn.  You should have
> seen these twelve climbing back on their horses and screaming and yelling
> the way back to where they missed the turn and had to complete the second
> loop.  Luckily for Nicki Young she was one of the two ahead of these
> and made the right turn and had a 60 minute lead on the group after the
> second loop.  I heard a lot of protest talk and complaining about trail
> marking but hopefully everything will be worked out.  Weather is hot but
> expecting a cool front to come through this afternoon.  Quite a few pulls
> before I left.
> Phil Rash
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