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There is strangles happening where I board, too.  There was lot of confusion
about the vaccinations, whether or not to use antibiotics, what does strangles
looke like, etc. etc.  A lot of upset people, not the management's fault, either.
They did the best they could to keep the sick horses isolated.
When I first moved my horses to the Bay Area, I was warned that a
certain place had "strangles in the ground."   So I vaccinated my horses
before I moved them, and there hadn't been a case of strangles there
that I know of during the three summers I boarded there.
I almost opted NOT to get the strangles intranasal vac because it's only
60% effective.  I did it anyway, just because of the boarders' paranoia reaching
a fever pitch and I really didn't want to be accused of not doing the best for
my horses and/or spreading the contagion.  But a horse that did get
vaccinated came down with strangles because she was put back into
the pasture that had the first outbreak at our place to begin with,
after her vaccination. 
And one horse sharing that pasture went was first identified as having strangles
and put in with the quarantined horses, then not, then having it again and now
we know he has it for sure.  Another case we suspect that the owner
jumped the gun and put her horses in with the sick horses and if she
wasn't sick before, she is sure sick now!
It's an ugly disease, but not normally fatal.  I grew up (I'm showing my age)
where we all had chickenpox, measles and mumps and now those disease
have theoretically been vaccinated away.  I survived all these childhood
diseases and now have immunity to them.  A horse with strangles will
have immunity too once they get over it.  Don't have to worry about the 60%
effective vaccinations anymore.  Not saying that it's a good idea to expose
your horse to strangles.  It's a drag and a worry to have a horse with
strangles but it's not necessarily the end of the world.
Last weekend, I notice a bump - just under the skin - and made the
mistake of showing a fellow boarder.  Even though it was isolated
close to the skin on his neck and I DID discover a tick right in the
middle of it, she was so paranoid it was strangles, she insisted that
the management see it.  Of course, they weren't home!  I convinced
her that he showed absolutely no other signs of being sick, got his feed
bucket and he whinnied and pranced appropriately so that she could
leave the barn without blowing a cork.
My darn farrier (that I just fired because of three sprung shoes) won't come
to our barn because of the strangles.
No new cases, so hopefully things will go back to normal soon.  I just
can't stand the hysteria that is going along with it.
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