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Re: Fwd: RC: Re: Equi-Pak

Try  There are other companies that sell it also.  You can check them out at  It's pretty pricey at about $25 a tube and you need to purchase a special applicator gun which costs about $50 or $60.  Perhaps your farrier would be willing to buy the gun and carry the Equi Pak.  However, if it's something you would be using a lot of, it's definitely worth the cost.
P.S.  We are currently experimenting with a new product that shows great promise....use it in place of shoes, for hoof repair, perhaps gluing on shoes (not sure about that yet) and it sets in about 30 seconds. Hard as a rock (ok, as a hoof!).   We have used it in place of shoes on a horse that could not tolerate nailing and tends to not be able to stand long enough for the glue ons.  She has coffin bone fractures.  I am thinking it might be wonderful for lost shoes at a ride or for people who don't want steel and would like the benefit of "synthetic" without nails.  This stuff is TOUGH.  I will report back soon...we are trying it on one of our horses and will be doing some miles to see how it holds up.  Nice thing is that even if it wears you can rasp it to make a clean surface and apply another layer.  So far, it is pretty neat stuff.  I'll let ya'all know!

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