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At 09:15 PM 5/3/01 -0700, you wrote:
>Another way to avoid the majority of viruses is to get a Mac!

Or simply don't open any attachments that are not .JPG files
no matter who they come from.  In the years I have been online
I've averaged a 1000+ emails a day going through my puter (no,
I don't read them all) from various sources and I have NEVER
had a virus affect my computer.

I see the virus attachments in my attachment folder all the time.
The Snowhite thing is the worst.  I just delete them and go on.
Since I am the ONLY one who touches my puter I know that no
one else will be opening them.  I just ignore them all.

Course it helps when your email program allows you to filter out
emails you don't want.

Marv "Help Find Jake's Killer!! " Walker

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