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Re: Re: Virus attachments?

this is the 2sd. time that i had to take mine in i had 16,600 entry in my
inf. files.  last time it was over 15,00.  jack
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From: "Jim Ferris" <>
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Sent: Wednesday, May 02, 2001 12:04 PM
Subject: RC: Re: Virus attachments?

> The only way that viruses can be eliminated from mailing lists that is
> totally reliable is by not allowing ANY attachments to be forwarded from
> list. I know this will cause some folks a lot of headaches, but you have
> realize that most of the readers of ridecamp are not very computer
> thus are very vulnerable to any virus. This means that they also are not
> good at figuring out how to get rid of it. I have a virus checker at work
> that finds most all of the viruses but the most recent one on ridecamp was
> not picked up by it. Since I am computer savvy, I don't even attempt to
> attachments unless they originate from within my company or come from a
> source that I trust. Even then I think long and hard about it. The major
> drawback to this action is that some posts will not be able to be
> and will appear to be empty. The people that originate those posts will
> quickly figure out that they are not getting through and will switch to
> text or plain text plus html. The html part will be deleted but the plain
> text part will be sent.
> I really can't see any benefit to the pretty email's that are sent to this
> list. Plain text would be much more desirable and there are other ways
> pictures can be exchanged between members. If you could see how much junk
> sent as attachments, then you would not be terribly reluctant to eliminate
> all attachments.
> -Jim Ferris
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