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Well, I did not look at the attachment, because of the recent virus rash...

 >Anyone know this person, or get any Emails like this? 

Hi Barb,

Yes, I received an email privately from Robert McAfee supposedly in
response to an email on ride camp about fibrotic myopathy that I answered
trying to help the person who posted the email thru ridecamp

When I tried to open the attachment sent by him my Norton Anti-Virus

alerted me to the virus.  I didn't try to fix the problem but deleted

the entire email.  I then sent him a private email about the virus problem
assuming he wasn't aware of the problem.

The only response I get is the same email with the same virus problem
which I continue to delete and not open. I was just thankful that I
had the virus program and I will be very careful about any emails
I may yet receive from this person.  

Everyone on ridecamp be alert to anything you may receive from Robert

Happy Trails,
Vickie Bowling
Vickie Bowling - email
(703) 234-3952 x1276 - voicemail/fax

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