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Trail change update - Heritage 55 mile ride

I had a great time today talking with the Forestry Dept. ranger about the 
proposed trail change.  As I've said before, the local Forestry Dept. is 
just great to work with.  We spent two hours chatting, but approval for the 
trail change took all of 5 minutes.  The FD copied some great maps for me, 
is making inquiries about water trucks for me, and - most amazing of all - 
in exchange for me "officially volunteering" to measure trail for them, 
they are loaning me a GPS to do the measuring with and teaching me how to 
use the computer program associated with downloading the info and creating 
maps with it.  Great!

So it looks like on the 19th/20th of May we'll be doing trail work and 
trail measuring.  Anyone who wants to join in can do so, just let me 
know.  We'll be assembling and camping at the fairgrounds in Reserve but 
will have to trailer in to that trail access about 15 miles to the Forest 
Road and then 10 miles or more on a twisty narrow dirt road.

Anyone who has looked at the ride application knows that we're having an 
Ice Cream Social at the awards.  I think we'll have about 5 flavors of 
locally made ice cream.  Of course we'll have vanilla and chocolate.  Any 
votes for the other flavors?

Looks like we'll also have free massages available for riders and maybe 
horses too!

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