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Re: RC: the Derby

In a message dated 5/2/01 2:33:49 PM Pacific Daylight Time, writes:

With the derby coming up I can't help to think that I have never
seen an thoughbreeds in endurance at all.
Does anyone know why?

There have been a few TBs in endurance, but mostly in the past. Thirty or
more years ago, many of us started endurance on whatever we had; in our case,
QHs.  But, like others, we soon realized the Arab horse had body and muscle
type to excel in this sport. I remember Matthew Mackay-Smith saying once, in
a lecture, that TBs have good muscle type for endurance, as they have both
slow and fast twitch muscle.  But "the Thoroughbred's cross to bear is his
feet."  What Matthew meant was that TBs often have shelly hooves that just
don't stand up to the burden of endurance riding. And we all know, "no foot,
no horse."  There are, of course, a few Arabs that also have shelly hooves,
and it's a royal pain to deal with.


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