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RE: bitless bridle

Linda wrote:
Chelle, I have one too but you mentioned you like how your horse can eat
and drink in it.  That is what I don't like about it is to have the
control the noseband needs to be tight enough which does not allow any
eating and drinking.  Along the trail I think it is important a horse
can stop and eat or drink w/o you having to get off and loosen the
noseband.  That is my main complaint.  Is there something I am missing?

On the Bitless Bridle site, they do mention that the noseband should be very
tight.  I've wondered at that - the only thing I can figure is that maybe
that version doesn't have the noseband rings at the side of the nose and
they're worried about twisting the noseband.

I use my version on a pretty competitive mare with a tiny head.  I've never
gotten around to making a custom one for her that fits her nose, so at it's
tightest hole, I can just take it off and on without unbuckling.  We get
into a few fights on the trail - she hates to go over logs and is afraid of
big rocks, but I have never had a problem with the noseband being to loose.
She is very responsive and really likes not having a bit in.

Eating on the trail is no problem for this fatty!


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