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Trail change for the Heritage 55 mile ride

Spent yesterday talking to one of the property owners who suggested 
(gently, but expecting that I would listen and follow orders) that I change 
the trail to avoid going through deeded land in one area.  Turns out that 
what I thought was Forest Road (and looks that way on the map) and skirted 
the edge of deeded land actually was on private land.  While I already had 
permission from the property owners that the Forestry Department and my 
research had told me about, suddenly I was faced with about 10  more 
absentee owners that I hadn't counted on.  The land owner I was speaking to 
was willing to help me get written permissions from each owner and in fact 
would endorse the ride with the other land owners, but gave me a trail 
rerouting suggestion that is absolutely fantastic and avoids the deeded 
land issue altogether.  As it is on an old Forestry Dept trail that is 
actually blazed, the FD shouldn't have any problems with the new 
route.  I've got an appointment today with the FD to talk about it.

The new route will take riders of the 55 miler along and several times 
across a small river (for people coming from less arid country than here 
it'll look like a large stream!) for about 7 miles and then up to the top 
of a mesa with great views through the trees along the way.  Although the 
old route was very beautiful, this new way is equally if not more beautiful 
and offers lots of water to boot!  I'll let you all know what the FD says 
today about this tonight or tomorrow.  I'll be riding the new trail myself 
in short order and will get photos of it online for your viewing enjoyment.

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