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RE: Virus attachments?

Well, Robert has tried to send me an attachment referring to the horse falling while sleeping.  But there’s never an attachment.  So if it’s virus related, my company e-mail servers strip anything identified as a virus before it gets to me.  But I also usually get a separate warning note indicating that happened and this hasn’t been occurring.  I did get sent the snow white virus yesterday – but that’s nice and obvious, so I just deleted it and ran virus scan just in case. 


So I’m confused as well!




-----Original Message-----
From: Barbara B. Peck []
Sent: Tuesday, May 01, 2001 7:42 PM
Subject: RC: Virus attachments?



I've received my last 3 posts to ridecamp, retuurned to me from a person

named Robert MCafee (who I've never seen post on RideCamp)... and

each one said.... "Take a look at the attachment".


Well, I did not look at the attachment, because of the recent virus rash...

Anyone know this person, or get any Emails like this?



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