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Carbo Charge For Sale

Jessica Tuteur
Hi all:

I have some carbo charge (see desc. below) that I have 
been storing in my barn. The containers are new, 
probably been in the barn 6 months. One is 6lbs the 
other is 9lbs. I will sell together or separate. 
6lb for $27 plus shipping and 9lbs for $40 plus shipping. 
If you want both then $60 plus shipping.

Email me privately if you are interested.

Thanks. Jessica

Carbocharge by Vita Flex
New advanced glycogen loading system with thiamin and 
patented Charomemate for high performance horses. The 
main fuel for high intensity exercise is glycogen, a carbohydrate fuel derived from blood glucose. When 
muscle cells run out of stored glycogen, performance 
begins to suffer. Experts believe that glycogen loading 
provides more significant benefits for performance than 
any other dietary adjustment. The concentrated long-chain glucose polymers in Carbocharge are selected for minimal digestive impact and high levels of food energy without the problems associated with "grain overload" or "sugar shock".  

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