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The XP

So if you are going take lots 
of pics to show us all on ridecamp who can't attend this great ride!!
Happy Trails
Colleen K. & Polaris(Let's go ridein' mom!!)


Hi Colleen:  I hope to take lots of pics! Well, I *am* going to take lots of pics, and hope to be able to post them to the internet at least once a week.  I have got land-line connections lined up for amost every weekend of the ride.  We may try some other things too, whatever works.  Too bad John and Steph won't be there the first few weeks (damn!).

It isn't going to be easy to take that much time off, for myself or my husband.  In case anybody hasn't noticed, I haven't done a single endurance ride all year! <whine> (talk about withdrawals!!!ohmyGAWD!!!)  But, sacrifices have to be made and that's one of them.....along with having to work work work now and after (like till I'm 105!!).  This is too great an experience to pass up though, I'd rather sacrifice and give it a try than always wish I had.  Does anybody have any bubble wrap I can borrow for my horses for the next month? 

The photos are going to be posted here:    I'll try and post updates to ridecamp whenever I can, but in case that doesn't happen just go to the endurohorse website and check for photos.  If anybody hasn't been there already, go check it out and rate any rides you've done this year.   :+)  There are some photos up from rides this year (but not from me......just wait!)  

Happy Trails,

in NV


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