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Re: RC: housework and horses don't mix


I've just got to reply to this one.  My husband and I reached the
conclusion long ago that laundry and dishes were not worth fighting
about.  When one of us has extra time then we do them.  Our kids are old
enough to help, 16, 15, 12, and 3.  Of course the 3 year old loves to
help!!!  We each have our individual interests, mine, the four-legged
creatures that carry me like the wind ( I'm addicted to the butterflies
that I get heading out to the barn) and my husband loves his music and
musical toys.  
	I  do work a second shift job which is extremely convenient for my
"hobby".  It is so nice to deal with the horses unencumbered by the kids
but I'm paying for that with exhaustion.  Personally though I feel a
little extra coffee won't hurt me.  
	What I have found that helps is to invite someone over occasionally. 
The extra adrenaline helps clean the house a lot quicker and it makes you
feel like you have a deadline.
	In the end though the house is the loser.  The yard work is losing this
year also.  But like someone already stated, the housework will always be
there,  the kids and the horses won't.  We need to enjoy them while we


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